Sovereign Grand Master

HI&RH R.P. Dr.

Luigi Maria Picco of Montenero and Pola

The Sovereign Grand Maestro is the owner of the Royal and Imperial prerogatives of the House that gave rise to the Order. He is, de facto, the Prime Knight; His authority founds the Order itself and all owe him obedience and respect. He represents the historic connection of the origins. He attend all the ceremonies of the Order according to the opportunities and signs all the decrees and measures concerning the Order itself, including disciplinary measures. He convenes, moderates and chair the General Council when the need arises, calls for the establishment of specific committees, determines the policy of the Order, of which uses the funds available for institutional activities.

Site of Real House:


Head of the House Lascaris Comnenus Palaeologus Obrenović of Constantinople – Serbia
Basileus of Constantinople
Prince of Laudicea
Prince of Mistra
Grand Duke of Arcadia
Despot of Nicaea and Bitinja
Porfirogenet Heir of Nemanja Palaeologus
Heir of the Obrenović Dynasty of Serbia