Saturday, March 10, 2012, the Sala della Conciliazione of the Palazzo Comunale of Assisi hosted the first edition of the International Constantinus Magnus Prize, conferred to dr. Flavio LOTTI, coordinator of the Table of Peace of Assisi for the Section "Peace and Defense of Universal Rights", presented by S.A.R.I. P.pe Luigi Maria Peak of Montenero Lavarello Obrenović, Grand Master of the Sacred Military Imperial Nemagnian Order of Saint George and Saint Stephen.

The particularity of being awarded the Prize, such as national and international personalities, is equivalent to being recognized, in modern times, as characters deserving to be known on a universal level, not only for professional or artistic achievements, but also for the activities carried out to support culture, peace and solidarity.

Event of high socio-cultural and institutional profile with the participation of representatives, known and authoritative at national level, belonging to the world of politics, culture, solidarity, entrepreneurship, moderated by journalist Dr. Paola Zanoni. On this occasion they were invested with the title of "honorary knight" of the Holy Order Nemagnico Costantiniano the dott. Flavio Lotti, Ing.Claudio Ricci, dr. Sandro Vitali, the prof. Giorgio Bonamente and the prof. Roberto Romano.

They intervened at the ceremony:
. Ing. Claudio Ricci, Mayor of Assisi,
. Dr. Sandro Vitali, Mayor of Spello
. Prof. Roberto Romano, professor at the University of Naples "Federico II"
. Prof. Avv. Raffaele Cecchetti, Lawyer and lecturer at the University of Pisa
. Prof. Avv. Conte Emilio Petrini Mansi of Fontanazza, Lawyer and professor at the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum in Rome
. Prof. Giorgio Bonamente, professor at the University of Perugia